Aniplex has revealed that they are teaming up with a big name writer and a big name director, as they announced the new TV anime, Back Arrow. The big name director is none other than Code Geass’s Goro Taniguchi, who will be teaming up with Gurrenn Lagann and Kill la Kill writer, Kazuki Nakashima for the anime.

They also revealed that Yuuki Kaji will be starring in the anime. They listed “and others” as well, hinting that they will reveal more cast members soon enough. They still haven’t revealed the name of Yuuki Kaji’s character, but he narrates the announcement PV:

With Taniguchi directing, Nakashima will be writing the scripts for every single episode of the series, while Aniplex is distributing the anime. The series sounds like it will be a big one with all the people involved, so be sure they will have more big names joining in.

source: Comic Natalie