Unlike many mangaka, Hajime Isayama of Attack on Titan fame actually has plans on how his manga plays out. And in a tweet, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine revealed that the mangaka already has aims for when he will end his series. They revealed a doodle by the mangaka for his year-end aspirations, and Isayama revealed that he is aiming to end Attack on Titan by 2020.

Unfortunately, this is just Isayama planning and aiming that he could end the series next year. This is if everything goes according to plans. We really don’t know what the future may hold, as delays may pop up when least expected.

Last year, the documentary program Jounetsu Tairiku revealed a rough draft of the manga’s final panel. This means that Isayama has already worked out how his series will end.

As for the series itself, the manga has already entered its final arc. The war against the titans has gotten even more intense, and a lot of beloved characters got themselves killed off. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the story and reveal who those characters are.

source: Bessatsu Shonen