The Fafner anime franchise recently held its “Fafner THE BEYOND: Soushi Birthday Festival 2019” event last weekend. And there, they had some good news to fans and anime tourists alike. This is because they announced an official tour of the anime;s real-life locations is actually happening soon.

The tour itself will be going around Hakodate, Hokkaido and visiting locations which inspired some of the anime’s various scenes. Of course, they based the anime’s main settings, Watatsumijima, from various locations in Hakodate. It is an artificial island built on top of the Neo UN Alvis submarine fortress known as “Atlantis”.

The staff will reveal more details about the tour soon.

As for the anime itself, Fafner THE BEYOND will have 12 episodes, and all of them will have theatrical screenings. The first three episode already premiered last May, while the fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes premiered last month. Takashi Noto, who directed both TV anime seasons, is returning as director.

source: Moca News