The cells of Cells At Work have battled colds before. And what better way to raise awareness about the disease than a collaboration between the anime and Taisho Pharmaceutical’s cold medicine brand Pabron S Gold W? The collaboration even released a new visual featuring the three main blood cells checking their temperatures:

They’re raising awareness on how colds spread and how to treat them. They even launched an official website which offers a quiz about colds. Those who pass the quiz even get amazing prizes, from phone wallpapers to an ASMR recording. Quiz-takers can also win a limited edition scenario drama which stars the cast of the anime.

Here is the anime’s synopsis (via Crunchyroll)

This is a story about you. A tale about the inside of your body… According to a new study, the human body consists of approximately 37 trillion cells. These cells are hard at work every day within a world that is your body. From the oxygen carrying Red Blood Cells to the bacteria fighting White Blood Cells, Get to know the unsung heroes and the drama that unfolds inside of you!

Source: Comic Natalie