When it comes to anime and manga franchises, no other title is linked to karuta more deeply than Chihayafuru. In fact, its mangaka, Yuki Suetsugu loves the game so much that she launched a fund just to support the game. It’s called the Chihaya fund, and it aims to support competitive karuta, and she even launched an official website for the fund.

The fund is a sort of thanks to the karuta industry, which has supported her throughout the manga’s run. Now that the series is nearing its end, she is certainly giving back in a big way. You see, without the help from competitive karuta organisers, Chihayafuru won’t be as successful as it is today.

Suetsugu says that the game has become more popular through the years. However, it still lacks funds to have competitive players help train the next generation. It also lacks the manpower to properly train aspiring competitve players as well. The mangaka claims that she can only make manga, so she’s giving back by establishing this fund and help out in those deficiencies.

One of the fund’s first events will be the “First Chihayafuru Ogurayama Cup”. It will happen on 23rd February, with eight top-class players competing. This tournament aims to raise money for the fund, and also help raise awareness for competitive karuta in general.

Source: Chihayafuru Fund official website