Comiket 97 ended last weekend, and it also ended the 2010’s with a bang. And while the event’s main attraction are the doujinshi, cosplayers also flocked the Tokyo Big Sight area to show off their latest cosplays. One of them is none other than Enako, Japan’s #1 cosplayer, who attracted around 200 photographers during her C97 appearance.

She cosplayed Sinon from Sword Art Online for her public cosplay photo session. However, she also appeared around the event in other cosplays, helping to promote several companies:

She also had her own Comiket booth, but only on the final day.

She attracted hundreds of photographers who all kept their distance. Unfortunately, this sort of respect from Comiket attendees did not apply to all cosplayers. Photographers also flocked a trio of cosplayers. However, they did not treat her as what happened to Enako. Instead, many of them became quite aggressive and violated their personal space.

The photo session started off normally, until the photographers went crazy and took upskirt shots… very very closely. Things really turned ugly, as the photographers around them were violating their personal space. The three cosplayers were laughing, but they were clearly uncomfortable, and their laugh was clearly a nervous one.

Thankfully, it seems that the Comiket 97 staff were able to save the girls and pulled them out of the chaos. Lucky for them too, because no one managed to touch either of them, and nobody was injured.

This proves that even if a cosplayer dresses up in a sexy way, COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. Actions like upskirt photos are creepy, and they will make the cosplayer uncomfortable. Even if they are laughing, it is more because they cannot do anything about the situation. So please, be more respectful. We repeat, please respect the cosplayers’ space, and Cosplay is not consent.

source: Sora News 24