We have been getting reboots and recreations left and right lately. And with Mobile Suit Gundam’s 40th anniversary celebrations still happening, Gundam.info has released a special movie. This “movie” recreated the very opening scene from Mobile Suit Gundam. It features two Zaku IIs invading Side-7 and Amuro getting in the Gundam for the first time.

The video also features Char and Amuro’s very first face-off, and it even includes a recreation of the infamous “Char Kick”. The video also comes with English, Chinese, and Korean subtitles, so don’t forget to turn them on.

Ken Okuyama designed a Gundam model for this video, and they finally visualised it in there. As for the theme song, LDH Japan created it for the special movie. It is all part of the “G40” project in celebration of Gundam’s 40th anniversary.

source: Gundam.info