Yes folks, it’s finally confirmed, and we get to see the “Honeybee Inn Cloud” in action for the first time! The Final Fantasy YouTube Channel has now released the game’s new Theme Song introduction trailer. It features the theme song “Hollow,” performed by Yosh, and Nobuo Uematsu composed the song. However, fans are noting it more for a certain somebody in drag…

The video not only teased the Honeybee Inn storyline and showcased the theme song, but also introduced a few characters. This of course includes Red XIII, one of the game’s playable characters.

As previously revealed, players can switch from the game’s default battle mode and into the “Classic Mode”, which allows players to fight battles in the original’s turn-based style. However, players can still fill their ATB (active-time battle) gauge, much like the default battle mode.

The game itself will be released in several parts, with the first one only covering the Midgar storyline. The one getting its release in 10th April for the PlayStation 4 will only be the first part.

Source: Final Fantasy YouTube channel