The 2019 Novel Corona Virus has become a global emergency. And unfortunately, it did not just affect the people in China and global travel, but also the tech industry. Several big companies like Nintendo and Apple have reported production delays, and it’s all thanks to the disease.

Nintendo Switch units, including the awaited Animal Crossing Special Edition Switch console, are one of the items most affected. Joy-Con Controllers, as well as other peripherals, also get delayed. However, Nintendo has said that it’s taking measures to tackle these issues. They’re also taking a close watch on the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Apple’s 45 million orders of airpods might also get delayed as well. Nikkei Asian Review reported that suppliers in China may halt operations for earphones for about two weeks due to the outbreak. The tech giant previously shut down all its stores and corporate offices in China because of the disease as well.

source: Siliconera , Yahoo Finance