“Netflix Anime Festival 2020” was launched today on the streaming platform’s official Japanese YouTube channel! Featuring Hisanori Yoshida as the moderator and Rio Uchida as a guest announcer, a whole slew of upcoming shows have been revealed!

Rilakkuma to Yuuenchi

The new series “Rilakkuma to Yuuenchi” (“Rilakkuma and Amusement Park”), the sequel to the stop-motion animation “Rilakkuma and Kaoru-san”, will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix. No release window has been given.


An original Netflix animation project called “Eden”, about a little girl named Sarah who was raised by robots on a planet called “Eden 3”, is scheduled for release in May 2021. The show will star Marika Kouno, Kentaro Itou, Kyouko Hikami, and Kouichi Yamadera.

Vampire in the Garden

An original Netflix animation project called “Vampire in the Garden” is set in a world where humans lost against vampires in a battle for the Earth and now live in small isolated settlements. A young female survivor Momo encounters the Vampire Queen — who actually loved and respected humans, and together they set out to find a lost paradise where humans and vampires can coexist. The show will be produced by WIT Studio.

Thermae Roame Novae

Mari Yamazaki’s “Thermae Romae” is getting a new anime series titled “Thermae Romae Novae” on Netflix. No release window has been given.


“Yasuke” is a fantasy historical drama about an African samurai who actually served Nobunaga Oda. It will be produced by MAPPA and is scheduled for release in Spring 2021.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

A TV anime adaptation of “Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan” will be streamed exclusively on Netflix in Spring 2021. Set between “Diamond Is Unbreakable” and “Golden Wind” arcs in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, the series follows the character Rohan Kishibe, a famous manga artist who travels around the world to draw inspiration from people’s lives. He does this by using his Stand ability named “Heaven’s Door”, wallowing him to learn everything about a person.