Via Comic Natalie: Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba’s “High-rise Invasion” will be getting a Netflix TV anime series, scheduled to stream worldwide in February 2021. The show will star Haruka Shiraishi, Shiki Aoki, Akira Sekine, Junya Enoki, and Yuichiro Umehara, with direction by Masahiro Takata, series composition by Touko Machida, character design by Yoichi Ueda, and production by Zero-G.

The story of “High-rise Invasion” starts when a young girl named Yuri witnesses a masked figure kill a man with an axe on the roof of a high-rise building. Yuri soon finds herself in a strange world of skyscrapers with only two options for escape: fight past the murderous masked figures or leap to her death.