Via Comic Natalie: “Hypnosis Microphone – Division Rap Battle –” drops its latest “<< 2nd DRB >> Opening TRAILER” on the official HypMic YouTube channel, in anticipation of its upcoming “VR BATTLE”! A new 3D model of MC B.B. Ichiro Yamada makes his debut, with the other 17 division member getting the same treatment in the near future!

Just like the other rap battles, fans will be able to cast their votes for the upcoming “VR BATTLE” — check back for more details soon!

Hypnosis Microphone – Division Rap Battle – is a hit media franchise also known as “HypMic” amongst fans. The story is set in a dystopian utopian future where women lead the government and men are merely grunts who follow orders. As guns and other weapons are no longer available, territorial fights must take the form of rap battles.