Maaya Sakamoto’s 4th concept album “Duets” will be released on 17th March 2021. This will be her second album to commemorate her 25th anniversary since her debut, and her first-ever duet album.

“Duets” will consist of seven duets with artists whom she admires and respects, including Hiroki Wada with whom she has a shared history. When Sakamoto debuted twenty-five years ago with “Yakusoku wa Iranai” — the opening theme for the TV anime “Vision of Escaflowne”, Wada performed the ending theme for the same anime.

Other artists featured include Yoshio Inoue, Yumi Uchimura (la la larks), Kyoko Koizumi, Kohei Dojima, Asako Toki, and Masakazu Hara (the band apart). In addition to songs written by the above artists and Sakamoto herself, there will also be musical contributions from Tendre, Shoko Suzuki, Ryo Eguchi, Yuho Iwasato, and others.

Born in Tokyo, Maaya Sakamoto is a voice actress, actress, lyricist, essay writer, and radio personality, whose vibrant voice has won the support of fans all over the world. Active as a child actress from age eight, she made her CD debut in 1996 with the single “Yakusoku wa Iranai.”

In July 2020, she released her 25th Anniversary album “Single Collection+ Achikochi”, which reached #5 on the Oricon charts. In August of the same year, she also released the digital single “Yakudo,” which topped the Oricon charts.