The archived footage of the conceptual concert, “INSIDE THE FIRST TAKE”, organised by the YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE”, will be streamed overseas on Stagecrowd.

“THE FIRST TAKE” is a YouTube channel from Japan that films and releases videos featuring artist performances shot in a single take. The channel has over 6 million subscribers — the most out of all omnibus music channels in Japan. Performances are filmed in a pure white space with the artist in front of a single mic. The production is simple and stripped down, and the resulting footage highlights the artist’s pure talent.

In this conceptual concert, fans can witness the single-take filming style of “THE FIRST TAKE”. In addition, before an artist’s performance, an exclusive documentary about the track that will be performed will also be shown with English subtitle, deepening your understanding of the song.

Featured performers include popular artists who made global hits such as ALI, who sang “LOST IN PARADISE feat. AKLO” (the ending theme of 1st season of the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”), yama, who sang “Oz.” (the ending theme of the 1st season of the TV anime “Ranking of Kings”), ReoNa, who sang “ANIMA” (the opening theme of the TV anime “Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld”), and many others.

It’s the first-ever live performance from THE FIRST TAKE, gathering artists that have been trending


■ What is “THE FIRST TAKE”?
“THE FIRST TAKE” is a YouTube channel that captures artists’ amazing vocal performances in a single take on stunning 4K quality.

The channel was established on 15th November 2019, and in less than a year reached 2 million subscribers in September 2020. The next year the number increased by 3 million, bringing the total number of subscribers to 5 million.

Amongst all Japanese music YouTube channels (outside of official artist accounts), “THE FIRST TAKE” was the fastest channel to reach 5 million and 6 million subscribers and is the most subscribed channel for the Japanese omnibus genre.

Artists who have appeared on “THE FIRST TAKE” include LiSA, who sang the global hit “Gurenge”, the first opening theme of the TV anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and TK from Ling tosite Sigure, who sang “unravel”, the first opening theme of the TV anime “Tokyo Ghoul”.

In addition, many artists from outside Japan have also appeared, such as Stray Kids, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Jun. K (from 2PM), and Pentatonix (who appeared in a collaboration song with Little Glee Monster).

The channel is popular with the international audience, with about 30% of the subscribers being overseas users from countries and regions such as Taiwan, Indonesia, the United States, and the Philippines.

■「INSIDE THE FIRST TAKE」Stream Information

< Dates >
[DAY1] 16 June 2022 (Thursday)
ALI / Creepy Nuts / Da-iCE / yama
[DAY2] 18 June 2022 (Saturday)
Soushi Sakiyama / HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB / miwa / ReoNa

Opening (Stream Opens) 19: 30 / Start (Concert Starts) 20:00 / End (Concert Ends) Approximately 22:30
Archive: 1 week from stream date (DAY1 until 23 June 23:59 / DAY2 until 25 June 23:59)

*All times in JST

< Tickets >
1-Day ticket: 2000 Yen

< Ticket Purchase / Viewing URL (For Overseas Fans) >

< Available Countries/Regions >
Japan / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau / Thailand / Malaysia / Singapore
US / Canada / Mexico
UK / Germany / France / Italy / Spain
Australia / New Zealand
Brazil / Peru

< Notes on Performances >
* Archive will be available for viewing approximately 1 hour after the end of the stream.
* Before purchasing a ticket, please read the notes on the streaming site carefully and make sure that you meet the recommended device specs/internet connection suitable for live streaming.
* The stream may be busy just before the start time, making it difficult to access. On the day of the stream, please log in well in advance of the show time.
* After purchasing the ticket, cancellations, changes, and refunds are not possible for reasons other than the postponement or cancellation of the performance.
* Due to issues with the internet infrastructure or broadcast system, video and audio may be interrupted, and the performance may be temporarily suspended or terminated halfway.
In the event of that, we will notify you of the cause of the issue in advance.
* The organizer is not responsible for any problems caused by the customer’s internet connection or device specs.
* This performance is a paid, ticketed live stream. All rights are owned by the organizer. Screen recording, filming, and recording with cameras, smartphones, etc. are all prohibited.
In addition, you may be held legally liable for any unauthorized reproduction or sharing on video sites.
* Commercial use of concert video is prohibited. This includes receiving fees from an audience at restaurants, halls, etc. to play the concert footage.
* Please refrain from watching with a large number of people to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation.


THE FIRST TAKE has always been mysterious.
But now, you can see the inside of it live.
A premium concert begins.

Singing voice. Breathing. Feelings for the music.
The inner makings of an artist who puts everything into this one performance
You can feel it all clearly.

A space where cheers and even noises hesitate to spread
All the sounds of the venue become part of the music.

Welcome to the music.

■YouTube Channel「THE FIRST TAKE」

■ Program Concept
A single microphone placed in a white studio.
There is only one rule here:
Perform in a single take
Other than that, you can do anything.
What will you show with a single take?

Face the music with a single take.

■「THE FIRST TAKE」Social Media
Official Site: