The X-Files iconic duo of Agent Mulder and Agent Scully have had their fair share of mysteries and run-ins with the bizarre. With new new revival mini series hitting Japan, they have teamed up with another series known for handling mysteries, which is the Kindaichi Case Files.


Weekly Shounen Magazine’s 30th issue has revealed a brand new ad for the Japanese Blu-ray and DVD rental releases for the new 2016 revival mini-series. In this ad, which copies the poster for the new series, David Duchovny’s Fox Mulder was replaced with Kindaichi himself, while Gillian Anderson’s Dana Scully was replaced by Miyuki Nanase.


Seimaru Amagi and Fumiya Sato’s Kindaichi Case Files manga was first launched in 1992, before getting itself a sequel manga in 2012, titled Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo R. The manga has inspired several games and anime adaptations, and is often considered as a rival series to Detective Conan.

Source: ANN