During a special One Piece event by Glico in Osaka’s Tsuuenkaku Tower, they unveiled a special Golden Chopper Statue to celebrate the release of the latest One Piece movie, One Piece Film Gold. The statue is actually a Biliken, a golden statue that is said to bring good luck to people who rub its feet.


This Golden Chopper Statue will be showcased at the basement of Tsuuenkaku Tower. Unfortunately, fans might not be able to get good luck by touching its feet, as they will only be allowed to view the Biliken from a distance. It will stay on display until 19th September.


Glico, which unveiled the statue, is a known Japanese snack company, responsible for snacks like Pocky. They will also be featuring several collaborative One Piece Film Gold goodies.

Meanwhile, One Piece Film Gold will be premiering in Japan this 23rd July. it will contain an original story written by mangaka, Eiichiro Oda himself, and will be set in GRANTESORO, an entertainment city full of casinos and games, which actually goes pretty well with the Golden Chopper Statue.

Source: Asahi Shimbun