The relaxing J.C. Staff anime, Flying Witch, has had a very close relationship with the city of Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture. The anime has featured some of the city’s most popular sites, and has even been welcomed by the city’s  Hirosaki Convention and Visitors Association has welcomed them.


Now, Makoto and frieds are participating in the city’s annual Hirosaki Neputa Festival, which was also featured in Flying Witch’s 12th and final episode. Their participation will include a Flying Witch float to be paraded in the streets. They will also be asking for fan participation in designing the float itself, and prizes will be in store for the winners. The float will be promoting the anime’s upcoming Blu-rays, and submissions will be reviewed on 1st and 2nd August.

Prizes include:

①1st prize (Makoto Kowata Prize): cash ¥2,0000 and a framed picture
②2nd (Chinatsu Kuramoto Prize): ¥1,0000 and a framed picture
③2nd (Chito Prize): ¥1,0000 and a framed picture

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Minami Shinoda, Makoto Kowata’s seiyuu, as well as Shiori Mikami Nao Ishiwatari’s seiyuu, will also be attending the festival on 1st August, and the two of them will be making an appearance at the local City Hall. Not only that, an exhibition will be held from 29th July – 30th August at Hirosaki’s Hirosaki Machinaka Information. Posters will also be distributed around the city.

Source: Crunchyroll