B-Project is making rounds as one of this season’s newest male idol anime, and fans got a pleasant surprise for Episode 4 when anisong icon, T.M. Revolution, whose real name is Takanori Nishikawa, showed up as an anime character named Takanori Nishiyama… really subtle, huh?


Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?


The artiste actually serves as the executive producer for the anime, and he has said that he is happy with participating in this particular episode, as episode 4 leads to some pretty big developments in the entire anime series itself.

B-Project follows the rising male idols of “B-Project” and their newbie manager, Tsubasa Sumisora, who has to take care of 10 idols, who are members of three up-and-coming groups, “Kitakore,” “THRIVE,” and “MooNs.” Meanwhile, T.A. Revolution has become very popular in the anime industry, performing theme songs for anime like Gundam SEED, Valvrave the Liberator, and Darker than Black. Of course, he had also previously attended Anime Festival Asia to perform solo on stage and paired up with Mizuki Nana to perform their hit duet Kakumei Dualism.

Source: Comic Natalie