The new Summer 2016 Event for Kantai Collection, also known as “Intercept! 2nd Naval Battle of Malaya!” has begun. The latest additions have certainly caused many admirals to scream “God Save the Queen!” and “All Hail Brittania!” as the first actual British ship has now joined the game, and she is HMS Warspite… and yes folks, KONGOU DOES NOT COUNT!


Warspite, which is a Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship, will be joined by three other new ships, including an Italian Aircraft Carrier, Aquila.


The other two ships joining the game are:

Submarine I-26


Destroyer Minazuki


The E-1 map will feature I-26 as a random boss drop, while admirals who clear E-2 will receive Minazuki as a reward. E-2’s boss node will also drop Prinz Eugen, so to those who still don’t have her, now is another good chance to get that German pudding Heavy Cruiser. Meanwhile, Aquila will be dropping in E-3, and Warspite will be a reward for clearing the final map in E-4. In other words, for admirals to get their hands on Warspite, they must completely clear all the event’s maps!


And to clear the maps, you must get passed the Abyssal bosses, who also get a summer make-over of their own!

‎Submarine Summer Princess


‎Battleship Summer Princess


Harbour Summer Princess

13880185_1151079364962600_3570796703651816198_n 13912471_1151079321629271_5980754222149811065_n

Heavy Cruiser Summer Princess


Like the previous event, Spring 2016 where admirals got their hands on USS Iowa, shiplocking is also in play, and on certain maps, Admirals can use Land-based airstrikes. This is just a medium-scale event, however, many admirals are a bit salty already! So to all the admirals out there, good luck!