The Japanese mascot character, Rilakkuma, has always been associated with the theme of relaxation (heck, the word is even in his name)! Sanrio’s lovable and relaxing bear mascot is getting itself a life-size plush toy, which measures in at a whopping 165cm in height and 105cm in width!


Weighing in at 8.8Kg, just carrying it around might a chore because of the size alone. It is even big enough to fit in a human-size chair!

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It is so big that you can even sleep on top of one, as if it were an actual bed.




Scheduled for release by mid-November 2016, Sanrio is now taking pre-orders until 4th September, but given the size, it won’t come cheap. This life-size Rilakkuma plushie costs a whopping 66,434 yen, though many might find that a small price to pay for some cuddling and relaxation time. Sanrio is also only producing these plush toys in limited numbers.

Source: Rocket News 24