Saying that Re:Zero is one of the hottest anime today may be a bit of an understatement, as the ongoing collaboration between the anime and Go Go Curry has shown. Offering the limited edition Ram and Rem clear files and Re:Zero spoon, it seems that the demon twin might have made Go Go’s curry a little too hot.

cfile2 spoon

The collaboration, limited to Go Go Curry’s restaurant in Akihabara, runs from 15th – 31st July. However, many have commented that the collaboration might not be able to last that long, judging on the long lines being formed outside of the curry restaurant. According to

According to @akibablog, at least 50 enthusiastic fans were seen lining up at around 5:30 pm, on the first day of the collaboration. 

While twitter user @mo_ri_be caught this scene outside of the restaurant, which seems to have run out of collaboration goodies, though they did promise to restock.


This is actually the second collaboration between the curry house and the hit TV anime, with the First Collaboration featuring both Felt and Emilia. Needless to say, it seems that the twins have gotten a lot more fanfare as of late.

 Source: Yaraon!

Maybe this might explain why they are so loveable…