A Non-partisan Parliamentary Association meeting was held in Tokyo earlier this week, and they talked about opening a facility for Japanese anime and manga, which has been tentatively called the “National Manga Center.” One of the guests who said that opening such a facility would be necessary is none other than Evangelion creator and Shin Godzilla director, Hideaki Anno.


In a statement to the association, Anno said that “So many materials about Japanese animations and tokusatsu films have been lost everyday. I hope to preserve as many as those old materials, that are treasures to us, in a public place.” Part of his appeal mentioned that the facility would be necessary in order to preserve materials used in anime and manga.

In the meeting, they agreed that opening the “National Manga Center” would promote Japanese pop culture as a branch library of the National Diet Library. They also agreed that it should be located within walking distance of Akihabara in Tokyo, which is Japan’s premiere hotspot for the anime and manga sub-culture. It should be completed by 2020, which is when the Tokyo Olympics will be held. A proposal letter to the Japanese government has also been adopted in order to secure the necessary funds for the facility.

Source: Crunchyroll