Attack on Titan Seiyuu, Yuu Kobayashi, best known for voicing “Potato Girl” herself, Sasha Braus, is quite… um… infamous for her notoriously scary drawings. However, she seems to be having some competition with Takuya Eguchi, who is best known for his role as Hachiman in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. here’s a sampling of what the male seiyuu can do:


OK, so it’s nowhere near as scary (or as disturbing) as Yuu Kobayashi’s “illustrations”, but it’s still pretty bad. The character is named Egumon, which Eguchi created himself, and he is returning him… it (?!) TV travel show, Eguchi Takuya no Ore-tachi Datte Iyasaretai! (“Takuya Eguchi‘s ‘We Want to Be Healed!'”), which he hosts with fellow seiyuu, Koutarou Nishiyama.


Each Animate has a poster on display of Eguchi and Nishiyama in kimono promoting the show (which focuses on the two voice actors visiting relaxing places) and signed by both. The posters also have a doodle of “Egumon,” a monster of Eguchi’s own creation, which comes in many, many different forms — so many, in fact, that it looks different on each poster. Curious fans will have to go to many Animates to see them all.

Here is a sampling of Eguchi’s other doodles, which could really give Yuu Kobayashi a run for her money!

eguchi01 eguchi02 eguchi03 eguchi04 eguchi05 eguchi06 eguchi07 eguchi08

OK, so he’s no Da Vinci, so better stick to voice acting, please!

Source: ANN