The life-size statue of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend’s resident “boring” main heroine was recently put up for a lottery to determine which fan or collector would get the right to buy her. The winner was someone with a huge collection of figures and plastic models, who proudly showed off the latest addition to his collection. However, it seems that it didn’t take long for him to sell the life-size statue.


While a life-size statue is certainly rare, with most collectors willing to kill to have one, Megumi’s new owner seems to have given up, and the statue was reportedly seen in a hobby shop in Akihabara, and is now up for sale.

The original price tag for the statue was 1.9 million yen, and now, since this is a rare figure (and we do mean really really rare), the value has gone up to 2.6 million yen. So if you have an extra 3 million yen cash (since shipping that statue definitely won’t be free, and there’s no way she can fit in your car), why not drop by Akihabara, and maybe you could give Megumi a more permanent home.

source: Crunchyroll