If you ever watched the anime about making an anime, Shirobako, you should know that the series’ own fictional anime studio, Musashino Animation, made two anime series during its run, and these two series were each made into an OVA. Now, these OVAs are being previewed as part of the anime’s own Blu-ray box set.

Exodus! Episode 1: Exit Tokyo

The Third Girls Aerial Squad Episode 1

The videos also come with commentary from Shirobako’s director himself, Tsutomu Mizushima, as well as PA Work’s Kenji Horikawa

The Shirobako Blu-ray sets will be released in two parts, with the first set being released this 23rd November, and the second one on 21st December. Each Blu-ray set costs 30,240 yen.

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Source: Crunchyroll