Prepare for even more frightening stories from Japanese folklore and urban legends as the official TV Tokyo website has revealed that the horror anime shorts series, Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, is returning for a much-deserved fourth season.


The old storyteller will be voiced by 13 different people this season, including Noh master, Shirou Nomura and pantomime artist Han Arai. Several other notable seiyuu and live-action actors will also be voicing him, and they are: Kanji Tsuda, Minori Terada, Tetsu Watanabe, Hisahiro Ogura, Satoru Matsuo, Tomu Miyazaki, Shoichiro Masumoto, Ryōsuke Takei, Hino Arata, Ryuu Sawaru, and Naoki Yamazaki.

The anime was first launched back in 2013, and each episode featured six-minute horror stories told by an old man in a mask.