Platinum has a higher value than gold, and when you make a figure out of it, it’s going to be really expensive! This has been proven with Kougei’s new Mazinger Z figure, which is really made of platinum!

There are actually two platinum Mazinger Z figures, and both of them are released for the series’ 45th anniversary. One figure measures in at 120 mm and weighs in at 850g. That figure costs 14 million yen, while the smaller 50mm/150g figure costs 2,017,000 yen! Pretty affordable if I must say… right?!

Both figures will also come with a special paulownia box. These boxes are not only used for storing the figures, but can also be used to display them.

Mazinger Z mangaka Go Nagai is celebrating his 50th anniversary as a mangaka, and the figures are part of the memorial items, which are overseen by Nagai himself, as well as his Dynamic Planning. Meanwhile, Mazinger Z is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2017 as well.

source: Crunchyroll