Renowned mangaka, Hiro Mashima, is definitely no stranger to the Monster Hunter franchise. Not only is he the mangaka of the official manga, Monster Hunter Orage, he is also a huge fan of the games. Now, the renowned mangaka is working for the game again, where he is in charge of designing a new weapon for Monster Hunter XX.

Called the “Urano Metria”, the sword itself is inspired by Fairy Tail’s very own Lucy Heartfilia. In fact, the name of Lucy’s most powerful magical spell is “Urano Metria”. Lucy is a celestial mage, calling upon the power of the stars for her magic. Since Lucy inspired theΒ weapon, the sword itself dons a starry theme.

But then again, the weapon seems to be more of a fit for Erza than Lucy, huh? One does not simply imagine the bubbly celestial mage swinging around a sword that big. An Erza-inspired weapon would certainly be a fit for the game, huh? In addition, those inspired by the Dragon Slayers like Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel…

As for Monster Hunter XX (read as “Double Cross”), Capcom is releasing the game in Japan on 19th March. They will be releasing the game for the Nintendo 3DS, much like Monster Hunter X (Read as Monster Hunter Cross).

source: Comic Natalie