15 years ago, it would have been hard to believe that Square Enix and Disney’s collaboration game, Kingdom Hearts, would grow to be an unforgettable franchise. With the first game’s 15th anniversary already ongoing, Square Enix has put up a special display in Shinjuku Station.

From 9th – 15th January, the Tokyo Metro Marunouchisen Shinjuku Station Metro Promenade will feature a Kingdom Hearts Memorial Stained Glass Clock display. The display will feature a gigantic Sora stained glass clock (pictured above). The giant clock will also be surrounded by 12 smaller stained glass pieces.

Square Enix also launched a twitter campaign for fans to win all 13 stained glass pieces. To join, fans must follow the the @_KingdomHearts Twitter account and tweet the image of their favorite KH stained glass piece. They can also take a photo of the exhibit and tweet using the #キングダムハーツ15周年 hashtag.

This is also to promote the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue game for the PS4. It will be released in Japan on 12th January.

Source: Crunchyroll