The Matsuno sextuplets from Mr. Osomatsu were everywhere back in 2016, and they have not shown signs of stopping! It was revealed that they are now teaming up with Japanese udon chain, Sanuki Udon. This will feature the sextuplets dressing up as the udon chain’s employees.

The collaboration will feature life-size standees of the brothers in Sanuki Udon restaurants, as well as a few other promotions. The promotion will be held from 20 – 31 January, and those who order a bowl of udon can get a “Hanamatsu ticket”. Diners can use these tickets as coupons to get three orders of udon or tempura.

Not only that, diners with a receipt worth 1,000 yen can also exchange it for a limited edition Mr Osomatsu place mat. However, these place mats are quite rare, and each restaurant will only have 30 of them, so better hurry.

Aside from the udon collaboration, Mr. Osomatsu will also get a special “mook” (crossover between a magazine and a book). The Mook will include gravure photos of the sextuplets, interviews with the staff and cast, and many more.

There will also be new goodies, including ones from a collaboration with TV Tokyo’s banana mascot, Nanana.

Source: animeanime