From its title alone, it’s pretty obvious that Akiba’s Trip the Animation is set in Akihabara. The “Electric Town” has become the “Holy Land” for anime fans around the world, and its sights are front and center with the Akiba’s Trip anime.

In the anime, our hero, Tamotsu, can’t get out of Akihabara thanks to a barrier, which means that most of the anime have to take place in … you guessed it, Akiba.

Crunchyroll’s Wilhelm Donko took several images himself, while he took others from Google Street View. The anime featured several Akihabara land marks, including Chuo street, Radio Kaikan, Edion, and Mansei Bridge. They also featured real-life shops such as Anime Plaza, Adores Karaoke, Star Kebab, and Echigoya. Hey, they even featured Carl’s Jr as Carl’s Jr and not some knockoff name like MagRonalds. So here are the areas featured in the anime:

Based on a video game where you hunt vampires by stripping them, Akiba’s Trip makes Akihabara as one of the show’s biggest stars. The production staff truly did their homework and really replicated Akiba in such great detail as well. But then again, the next time we visit it, maybe we should watch out for Synthesizers as well!

images via Crunchyroll