your name has done a lot for Gifu Prefecture’s local tourism, especially the town of Hida. The small-yet-picturesque town inspired the film’s countryside setting, and is receiving anime pilgrims from all over the world. Now, you can head there in style via the new your name-themed bus.

Gifu-based transportation company, Nohi Bus, is teaming up with the film for this tourism collaboration. This your name bus will take passengers from Tokyo to Hida. The endpoints for the route are also quite fitting, as it takes passengers from Gifu’s Hida Furukawa Station to the Busta Shinjuku bus terminal.

Anyone can ride this bus, whether you’re a local wishing to go home or an anime pilgrim wishing to visit the town where Mitsuha lives. Each ride between the two endpoints last for six hours and also costs 6,900 yen. Nohi Bus also announced that they will begin service starting 27th February. However, the collaboration will end by the end of March 2018, so better hurry.

source: Rocket News 24