While Akihabara is usually a booming business district for anime, video games, and electronics. However, the arrival of a bomb squad caused a stir for the usually peaceful “Electric Town”. This is because someone discovered a “suspicious object” in a public toilet near the Showa Dori turnstiles. They also closed the always-busy JR Akihabara Station entrance.

Several sources reported that a staff member found  the suspicious object in the unisex multipurpose toilet. That staff member then alerted the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, which then sent in their bomb squad. Needless to say, the arrival of any bomb squad in any area would cause a lot of commotion.

Confused Akihabara patrons, workers, and tourists were up in arms because of the possibility of a bomb. The police also asked customers and staff to evacuate the nearby areas, including a restaurant.

The bomb squad found the suspicious object attached to the underside of a baggage shelf inside the toilet with adhesive tape. They then inspected what it is, which turns out to be just a clear plastic case containing electrical components such as batteries and a lead. The act may have been a false alarm, or even a prank, but thankfully, nobody got hurt. The police deemed it safe, however, they took away the suspicious item for more testing just in case.

Moments later, the JR Akihabara Station entrance opened at around 2:00 pm. Akihabara then continued business as usual afterwards.

Source: Asahi Shimbunツルミロボ @kaztsu@izakayan