Popular seiyuu Yoshimasa Hosoya will be going on hiatus because of his throat problems. Because of this, fans are wishing him well and praying for his speedy recovery. But it also seems that fans aren’t the only ones greeting the seiyuu well. His fellow seiyuu also showed him support, and wished him a speedy recovery.

Several big name seiyuu were among those sending him well wishes. These greetings include one from Tomokazu Sugita, who just tweeted the word “prayer” in English. Meanwhile, Hosoya’s Tensai Gunshi co-host, Hiroki Yasumoto tweeted that the team doesn’t feel complete without him. He also said that he’s waiting for Hosoya’s recovery. And then there’s also Kensho Ono, who said that he wants Hosoya to return as the “strongest”.

Other well-wishers include Toshiyuki Yamada, who tweeted that he’s waiting for Hosoya to regain his health. He then added that he wants them to hang out together again.

Hiroki Touchi praised Hosoya, and said he’s “straightforward in everything he does”. He then added that he’s got some nerve, but also mentioned that he’s also rooting for him.

Kengo Kawanishi, who worked with Hosoya in Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, praised the seiyuu for putting his soul into the Gundam anime. Mikazuki Augus’s seiyuu also said that he’s looking forward to working with “Orga” in the future.

Finally, Shunya Hiruma greeted Hosoya with the tweet “Hokuta-senpai is Hokuta-senpai.” The two worked together in the Ensemble Stars smartphone game, where Hosoya previously voiced Hokuto Hidaka.

With that stream of well-wishers, he may get back into the studio sooner than expected. Previously, Hosoya stated that he might be back by the end of the year.

Source: Nijimen