Saki seiyuu, Ayumi Tsuji, recently tweeted that she’s now married. In her tweet, she revealed that she married fellow-seiyuu, Michiru Sato. Her new husband then confirmed her announcement in his own tweet.

In her tweet, Tsuji said that when her grandmother recently passed away due to a traffic accident, Sato supported her. It’s because of him that she got through that rough time without going on hiatus. Meanwhile, Sato said that he wants to make a family together with his new bride. Both seiyuu, who belong to different agencies, have revealed that they are planning to continue on their work as seiyuu. Mausu Production manages Tsuji, while T’s Factory manages Sato.

Ayame Tsuji previously voiced Chaos;HEAd’s Kozue Orihara, Robot Girls Z’s Bara-tan, and of course, Saki – The Nationals’ Hatsumi Usuzumi. Meanwhile, her new hubby, Michiru Sato, voiced Play Ball’s Igarashi and Vie Durant’s You.