Full Metal Panic! light novel author Shoji Gatoh and illustrator Shikidouji both appeared in Los Angeles, California for the Anime Expo event. They took part at the event’s Full Metal Panic! panel, where they talked about the upcoming Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory anime. During their discussion, they announced that the new anime will premiere in Spring 2018.

The staff originally announced the 4th FMP anime to premiere in autumn 2017. However, they took back that announcement, so the anime became delayed. Fans who have waited for over 10 years to see the continuation of the story were disappointed to say the least. But with this new announcement, expect fans to be excited to see Kaname, Sousuke and Tessa once again.

During the panel discussion, they also revealed a brand new PV for the upcoming anime. However, that video still hasn’t hot online. But according to sources, that new PV featured light novel villain Kurama and Amalgam soldier Lee Fowler. Both characters still haven’t made their debuts in the anime. It also includes several new mecha which will be making their anime debuts as well, including the Cyclone. The video also revealed that Mao will become a Lieutenant with a new uniform.

Source: ANN