Nitroplus and anime screenwriter Hiroshi Seko previously released a pair of visual novels called Attack on Titan: Lost Girls. Now, according to a new magazine scan, it’s also getting its very own 3-part OVA.

They will then bundle these anime in DVD format alongside several volumes of the manga. Part 1 will come with Volume 24 (8th December release), while part 2 will come with Volume 25 (9th April release). Finally, part 3 will come with Volume 26’s release, which will be on 9th August 2018. They will reveal more details about this new 3-part Attack on Titan OVA in the days to come.

They previously released Lost Girls as a visual novel bundle with the TV anime’s Blu-ray release. The first one came with the anime’s Volume 3, while the second one came with Volume 6. As the visual shows, these visual novels focus on Annie Leonhardt and Mikasa Ackerman.

Source: @yarare_kanrinin