The 2-member unit known as angela has been rocking the Japanese concert scene for 13 years now. They recently held two concerts, one at the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater, as well as one inside the hallowed Nippon Budoukan. A new concert DBD/Blu-ray will be chronicling these two concerts, and its title is “angela no Music Wonder Tokudai Circus in Nippon Budokan ~Bokura wa Mezashita Shangri-La~”. But before it hits the shelves on 30th August, their official YouTube channel has released two new digest videos.

The first video is from their Debut 13th Anniversary☆Kakudai-ban Zenbu ga Shudaika Live!! Held at the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater, the concert only featured their Anisongs. The digest features several of their most famous Anisongs, such as “Shangri-La” (Fafner in the Azure OP).

Meanwhile, the second video features highlights from their live at the hallowed halls of the Nippon Budoukan.


The duo previously held their Anisong-only concert back in 21 May 2016. As for their Budoukan live, they held it back in 4 March 2017.