Visionary Hollywood director, Ridley Scott, is returning to Blade Runner for a new sequel film titled Blade Runner 2049. And as it gets its Japanese release in October, the film will also get itself an anime tie-in short. And it ain’t just anyone who will be working on this Blade Runner anime, because legendary Cowboy Bebop director, Shinichiro Watanabe, will be sitting at the helm of the project. Here is the anime’s new PV:

Titled Blade Runner: Black Out 2022, the animated short takes place between the original film and its 2049 sequel. As the title suggests, the United States suffers a huge black out in the year 2022. This will then tie into the sequel film itself, and may bridge the gap between the original and sequel.

Watanabe admitted that Blade Runner influenced him as an anime professional. He also said that he plans to treat the original with the utmost respect. The Cowboy Bebop director then adds that he doesn’t plan to make an imitation either.

They still haven’t revealed when they will release the anime, but the staff hopes to release it before the 27th October Japanese release.

Source: IT Media