Destiny 2 has now launched for the PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC all over the world. This of course includes one of the biggest gaming countries in the world, Japan. However, its Japanese pre-launch trailer one-upped its counterparts as it featured a sick dance battle.

The Japanese trailer boasts several well-known dancers, as well as choreography from dance master Furitsuke Kagyou Air:man. For those who don’t know them, they’re actually two of Japan’s most famous choreographers. The other famous dancers include Teddy Loid, ShiN, TAKAHERO, and many more. These dancers are all wearing costumes, so avid dance fans might not be able to recognise some of them.

Now, how about we see a dance battle between these Destiny 2 characters and some dancing Pikachu? Because I would certainly watch that dance battle! As for Destiny 2, it’s now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer