Get ready Dragon Ball fans, because Dragon Ball is getting its own 3Km fan marathon. It first hit Tokyo last 10th September, and then it will later be heading to Aichi Prefecture on 23rd September. And not only that, but it also has a couple of special guests. This is because Goku’s seiyuu herself, Masako Nozawa, is coming to these events, along with theme song singer, Takayoshi Tanimoto. Both guests will appear in a special talk event after the marathon, with Tanimoto also performing.

And while running for 3Km ain’t much of a daunting much for some, it is so for most people. So for those who actually finish the race, the staff have a special prize, and it’s a Son Goku T-shirt. The finishers can claim these shirts after finishing the race, whether they win or not.

And not only that, runners can also collect Dragon Balls while they run! This happens by using the event’s smartphone app “COCOAR2”. Those who collect all seven get a limited-edition Dragon Ball item.

Called the Dragon Ball Run, the Aichi leg will happen on 23rd September at Rinku Beach, Tokoname. Registration closes on 15th September, and fans can sign up via their English website. Oh, and just in case you guys are wondering, it’s not against the rules to do the Naruto Run on a Dragon Ball event.

Source: Anime! Anime!