The Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution film series is teaming up with Bandai Namco’s VR Zone Shinjuku for a very special collaboration. The newly-opened VR game center will be featuring a new VR experience based on the films as part of this team-up. But to be exact, they will feature a large number of videos, and this includes a projection-mapping video at the Center Core Area.

Because it is using the latest projection mapping technology, the Center Core Area’s walls will also show videos. This makes the area filled with videos taken from the film itself. And not only that, VR Zone Shinjuku will also display Eureka Seven colors throughout the collaboration. To make things even more special, this also counts as the VR game center’s very first film collaboration.

VR Zone Shinjuku’s own Cafe Glamper’s will also be taking part in this team-up. Starting 8th September, they will be serving a special Eureka Seven Parfait worth 1,706 yen.

The collaboration itself will begin on 13th September, and wrap-up on 31st October. As for the films themselves, the first part of the trilogy will premiere this 16th September. BONES is animating the project, which will also have screenings in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.