Madoka Magica has a new pachinko game out, and one seiyuu from the main cast is playing it. In a new video promoting the new pachinko game, Ai Nonaka talks about her character, Kyouko Sakura. She then proceeds to show people how to play the new Madoka Magica Pachinko game.

The Puella Magi Madoka Magica Pachinko Game launched back in July. Notable pachinko company, Kyoraku, developed this pachinko game, which has proven to be quite popular among fans.

As for the pachinko game itself, one of its most key features include a glowing Kyuubey. And yes, that cute but purely evil creature glowing looks really ominous. It’s like it wants to make a deal with you! You have a ton of fun, but you also lose something important…

See that face? It’s pure evil I tell you! EVIIIIIIIIIIIIL!

Source: 0takomu