One Piece has lasted for 20 years now, and it will go on for a few years more. But did you know that Eiichiro Ida originally planned the series to only last for five years? In his new author’s column for Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the mangaka stated one of the reasons it has gone on for so long. And yes, it’s a bit surprising, because it actually lasted longer because of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

In his column, he stated:

“The reason why One Piece has been continually running for the past 20 years is because of the Seven Warlords of the Sea (the Shichibukai). One Piece was initially intended to be a tale of fighting against the Four Emperors (the Yonko), wrapping up after just five years. It struck me that having these cool Seven Warlords of the Sea in the comic would be awesome; it was just a passing thought really. And then, just like a horror movie, it’s spiraled into such a long series!!

Why couldn’t it be Five or Two Warlords of the Sea? I thought that “Seven Warlords” just sounded so much cooler!! Well, I’ve no lingering regrets since I’ve already drawn what I’ve wanted to draw.

Just a little more!!”

I think “Just a little more” is pushing it as it may last up to seven years, give or take…

One Piece is now one of the most popular manga on Earth, selling millions of copies already. But then again, imagine what the series would have been if Eiichiro Oda’s implemented his original 5-year plan…

Source: Sora News 24