Rozen Maiden’s 15th anniversary celebrations are getting bigger and bigger, as Sanrio also joins in on the fun. Not only is Rozen Maiden getting a 15th Anniversary exhibition, but it’s also teaming up with Hello Kitty and friends. In fact, Ultra Jump magazine’s will be bundling a special clear file for the collaboration.

The clear file features:

  1. Kuromi as Suiginto
  2. Pompompurin as Kanaria
  3. Little Twin Stars as Suiseiseki (Desu!) and Souseiseki
  4. Hello Kitty as Shinku
  5. My Melody as Hinaichigo
  6. Cinnamoroll as Kirakisho

And in celebration of the 15th anniversary, Ultra Jump will also feature Rozen Maiden 0 in its cover. The magazine’s release will be on 19th September.

As for Sanrio, they are no stranger to anime collaborations by now. Their more recent team-ups include Yuri on Ice, Fullmetal Alchemist, Godzilla, and even Super Sonico! And finally, here’s Suiseiseki Desu-ing up a storm!

Source: Comic Natalie