Kemono Friends has proven that it is truly one of 2017’s biggest and most successful anime, despite its humble beginnings. The series has touched the hearts of so many, that blogger and former F-15J pilot FlyTanuki, is even planning to make a Kemono Friends-inspored itaplane. So, what’s an itaplane? It’s an airplane variation for the itasha, or anime-themed cars. This new itaplane also serves as an excellent tribute to the late Grape-kun, the penguin who fell in love with his Kemono Friends counterpart.

Yes folks, even after he passed on, the legendary penguin will be able to fly… and with his waifu too! RIP Grape-kun!

The pilot and anime fan is now seeking crowdfunding for his new itaplane project. Fans can opt to donate between 5,000-80,000 yen, and they will also take home some great goodies. Those sponsors will also get to see their name on the plane itself, as well as the official website.

Freebies for donors include a giant sticker, key chains, and T-shirts. And if the project is successful, the Kemono Friends itaplane will then grant passengers a trip as part of the “Friends Flight Club”. However, flights require a minimum of two persons for the trip, and would cost between 20,000-47,000 yen per person.

And for those who don’t want to ride the plane but want to photograph it in the air, a Cessna C172 will be carrying passengers aboard for aerial photography sessions. But as expected, this won’t be cheap, as seats cost 48,000 yen per person.

The crowd-funding site is now accepting donations here: