Digimon’s Tailmon, or Gatomon as she’s also called, may look cute and cuddly, but she packs quite a punch. Unlike the other original partner Digimon, she usually stays in her adult form rather than her child form, and this makes opponents think she’s weak. But even if she is strong, she is also very cute, and Bandai just made a life-size stuffed doll of her!

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Measuring at 50cm in height while sitting down, this Digimon plushie is as big as the real Tailmon/Gatomon. And also much like Hikari Yagami’s lovable partner, she’s also quite hugable.

Bandai will be releasing this life-size plushie this February 2018, but are only accepting pre-orders until 20 November 2017. They are now accepting pre-orders via Premium Bandai, and each one costs 8,100 yen. Now if only there were a life-size version of her Digivolution…