Yoko Kamio’s Boys Over Flowers or Hana Yori Dango manga is one of the most iconic manga titles in history. It also has a sequel manga titled Boys Over Flowers Season 2, which like its predecessor, is also getting its own live-action adaptation.

Blade of the Immortal’s Hana Sugisaki will star as the new drama series’ lead, Oto Edogawa. Meanwhile, Taishi Nakagawa will star as Oto’s fiancee, Tenma Hase, who is a rival school’s student council president. Finally, it will introduce us to a group known as the C5, which replaces the legendary F4. Shou Hirano will be leading that new group as Haruto Kaguragi.

TBS has revealed that they will begin airing the TV drama starting in April. Set two years after the F4 graduates, the new series will follow a new crop of Eitoku Academy students. However, unlike the manga, the TV drama will be taking place a decade after the events of the original.

Boys Over Flowers previously had several live-action adaptations, not only in Japan, but Taiwan and Korea as well. It will also have its own live-action TV drama in the Philippines.

Source: Comic Natalie