The Love Live! Sunshine!! TV anime finally aired its 13th and final episode for its second season. However, much like their predecessors, it looks like their story ain’t exactly over yet. This is because much like Love Live ending with the Love Live School Idol Movie film, it looks like Sunshine also has its own theatrical film project coming up.

According to the official Love Live staff twitter page, they already have the green light for the film. They also thanked the fans for all their support, and asked them to continue supporting AQOURS in the future.

However, the staff didn’t actually reveal any further details about the film yet. As of writing, its cast, staff, release window, story, and even title are still a mystery. But do expect them to make their reveals in the near future, so stay tuned for further announcements here on Wow Japan!

So, with the anime now over, what’s your favorite Love Live! Sunshine!! moment? And who is your favorite AQOURS idol?