It’s no secret that NOGIZAKA46 idol Rina Ikoma is one huge Naruto fangirl, and even cried when she met mangaka Masashi Kishimoto. Now, the idol is starring in a new live-action drama centering on Shonen Jump magazine. Titled “Oh My Jump! ~Shonen Jump Shikyū o Sukuu~,” NHK is now airing the series in Japan. And because of this, she sat down with NHK’s Manga Love: Watashi no Manga Best 3 program to talk about her love of manga.

She revealed that she grew up reading manga because her parents are avid readers as well. She also revealed that her best friend is an otaku, and she recommended Gintama to her, which she loved of course. And with that, she picked her Top 3, and it’s no surprise what she picked for #1. Yeah, it’s Naruto of course! In the drama, she plays a character much like her real self, a Naruto fan.

As for her #2, she picked Yana Toboso’s Black butler. She admitted she had a certain phase in high school where she grew fond of demons. And because of that, she got into the manga. She also says she loves the artwork in the manga the most.

Finally, for her #3 pick, she chose Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan by Hiroshi Shiibashi. This also goes back to her phase where she got interested in demons, much like Black Butler. She says that the manga’s characters are cool.

She admitted that she also read Sket Dance, Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, Pupa, Devil’s Line, Kamisama Kiss, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Source: Comic Natalie